With a Magicard card printer, available from us here at NCT ID, you can print a vast range of full-colour secure photo ID badges, membership cards, smart cards, payment cards, and access control badges with ease, selecting the specific printing options you require to ensure your cards and badges come out looking exactly as you envisioned.

Secure, Trusted Printers

As Australia’s largest Magicard reseller, we understand the importance of providing secure cards and badges, regardless of who you’re giving them to.

One thing which sets Magicard card printers apart in the ID card printer industry is their patented HoloKote anti-counterfeiting visual security feature, giving you the option to print a transparent HoloKote security watermark over any printed card image, which becomes highlighted for distance visibility when used alongside HoloPatch cards.

Our collection of Magicard printers is ever-expanding, with the following five models currently topping our range:

  • Pronto: The Pronto card printer is an easy-to-use dye-sublimation ID card printer, featuring two encoding options (magnetic stripe or combi), as well as a built-in HoloKote visual security system and four choices of watermark.
  • Enduro+: Designed to provide you with total flexibility, the Enduro+ allows you to batch print, hand-feed, and use rewritable cards. It comes with drop-in upgrades that enable duplex printing and Ethernet connectivity, as well as the same top-quality security and watermark features as the Pronto.
  • Rio Pro: The Rio Pro is a printer built for professional use. From single or double-sided printing to secure encoding with a magnetic stripe that can utilise contact and contactless technologies, the Rio Pro comes with a built-in HoloKote visual security system with you being able to customise your own security logo.
  • Rio Pro Extended: Designed to be used to print extra-long plastic cards for ticketing, accreditation, and product labelling purpose, the Rio Pro Extended can print ID cards up to 110mm in length (or cards sized 140mm by 54mm when in monochrome mode).
  • Rio Pro Secure: Most commonly used to print secure payment cards, the Rio Pro Secure allows you to produce instant, localised replacements of secure cards allowing you to satisfy your customer’s desire to have their card replaced as soon as possible, while keeping all the security benefits (in-line magnetic stripe or smart card encoding) of a batch card printing process.

When you’re trying to decide which Magicard printer is right for your company, don’t forget to consider the length of warranty that comes with each, as specific models benefit from Magicard’s three-year Ultra Cover Plus warranty.
NCT ID is 100% Nationally owned and operated, with our volume of Magicard distribution being one of the highest in the country. It’s often said that the renowned work of our customer support staff sets us apart in the ID card printer industry.
We know iD printers, so you don’t have to. Whatever your needs, contact us today on 101 ID PRINTER (+675 323 8451) or email sales@nctpng.com.pg for a price enquiry.


Magicard Enduro3E Card Printer

The Enduro 3E offers you total flexibility, with unique drop-in upgrades that instantly enable duplex printing and Ethernet connectivity. You can batch print, hand-feed, or even use rewritable cards (via the hand feed slot). Security comes as standard with four HoloKote watermark designs and can be enhanced with in-line card encoding options, ensuring the Enduro 3E is trusted for ID issuance across enterprise, education and events.

Robust, durable and reliable, the Enduro3E ID card printer is perfect for schools, colleges and medium sized businesses that print up to 10,000 ID cards per year. Many tens of thousands of Enduro series printers have been commissioned since its inception in 2008 and millions of secure ID cards are printed throughout the World on this platform every year.


Magicard Helix Re-Transfer Printer

The next generation in secure ID card printing, the Magicard Helix features, near offset quality printing, combined with Magicard’s patented Holokote+ security feature built in.
You can tell from the design that the engineers who developed this product had the customer in mind with easy to load cartridges, and capacity matched 200 yield input and output hoppers.


Magicard Pronto Card Printer

A quality dye-sublimation ID card printer at a great price. Incredibly easy to use with drop-in dye film and hand-fed card loading. The Pronto features magnetic stripe or combi encoding options and its built-in HoloKote visual security system offers a choice of 4 watermark designs. The highlights of the Pronto is its;

  • robust manufacture build
  • manual duplex feature
  • small footprint and light weight portability
  • versatile Holokote security features
  • re-writeable compatibility
  • two year warranty


Rio Pro

Key features

Built for professionals, the Rio Pro’s superior card printing quality is complemented with a full range of options: single or double-sided printing (with field upgrade available), batch or one-off card printing and secure encoding with magnetic stripe, contact and contactless technologies. Built-in Standard HoloKote® can also be customized to an individual logo or security design.


Rio Pro Extended

Key features

The Magicard Rio Pro Xtended personalizes extra-long plastic cards for ticketing, accreditation and product labeling. Cards up to 110mm long can be printed entirely in full Colour using the double printing mode. The printer can also handle pre-printed cards up to 140mm long, printing a CR80-sized (86mmx54mm) area in full colour in a single pass or an area up to 110x54mm using double-printing. In monochrome mode, the entire length of a 140mm by 54mm card can be printed.


Rio Pro Secure

Key features

The Rio Pro Secure is a trusted solution for the localized issuance of secure cards, including payment cards. Instant, localized issuance or replacement of secure cards offers many customer service and distribution benefits to both the issuing organization and the card holder. The Rio Pro Secure offers high-quality personalized printing and in-line magnetic stripe or smart card encoding, with a flexible interface reinforced by physical and logical security.